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28 January 2020 | Plastering

In almost 40 years in the building industry I have heard many clients talk of the frustration they have experienced with other tradespeople.


Renovation war stories are common. I hear great frustration and disappointment when people get let down because the reality is far from what was promised by other less reputable tradespeople. The most common things I am told about poor experiences with other tradespeople include:

  • It was supposed to be finished months ago
  • I had to take lots of days off work to be at home whilst the trades people where in my house
  • The tradesperson/s didn’t show up when they said they would
  • I got a cheap price and then they added in lots of extra variations I had no choice but to pay
  • It took weeks/months longer than they said it would
  • I had to organise extra electricians, carpenters, plumbers etc
  • Our neighbours were really frustrated and complained about the dust/noise etc


It’s really important to know that this kind of bad experience can be avoided. You can achieve great outcomes for your home renovation project. It’s very much a case of working out how to know who you can trust and working with a tradesperson who has built their career on delivering on what was promised. At ESP we come to you with almost 40 years experience and provide you an honest, trustworthy and complete service – together with quality craftsmanship.


Karl Hughes, a recent client of ESP, says:

“Aiden has a professional approach and consulted with me to ensure we understood the extent of the work to be undertaken and my expectations. Patching up parts of a 120 year old house can be a challenge and I was more than happy with the professionalism and quality of the finish”



When a quote appears significantly cheaper you need to consider why this is. Good coordination keeps the customer informed every step of the way and is key to good outcome. Whilst it may make one quote seem higher than another, its actually an upfront investment in the longer term. In our work, Erin Solid Plasterers provide a fixed price quote that covers all the trades you need to successfully complete your project. It includes making sure they are lined up, come on time and complete the work to the relevant regulatory and building code standards. No surprises along the way, transparency and great coordination is the foundation of our service at ESP.



Craig, another recent client of ESP said:

“Aiden is truly an expert at his craft of plastering. We are delighted with the work he completed installing plasterboard on top of our lath and plaster. He straightened our non-plumb Federation walls and ceilings and provided excellent advice about appropriate cornices, roses, architraves and skirts. The finished job is outstanding. Gregarious and a great problem solver, he was enjoyable to work with keeping us informed at every step. Aiden takes great pride in his work and we could not be happier. We would not hesitate to use him again in other rooms of our home”.


You don’t need to fear renovating. Leveraging our knowledge and experience at ESP will save you time and money. We value your time and your home at ESP. Our priority is making your life easier and your home more valuable through great renovation experiences.



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