LED Downlights in Heritage Homes – yes you can!!!!

3 December 2019 | Uncategorized


With the Government working hard, knocking on doors and encouraging us all to use LED down lights it does present a challenge for owners in traditional homes. We’ve heard many people avoid going down this path because it seems all to hard BUT it isn’t when you have the right tradesperson on the job.

If you are renovating or building a home, consider LED and fluorescent lights which are commonly used and are far more energy efficient than halogen lights. Although halogen lights are available in either low voltage (12V) or 240V models, low voltage doesn’t necessarily mean low energy use. Energy bill savings of around $161 million per year could be achieved if the approximately 23 million 12 volt halogen downlights currently in Victorian homes were replaced with low energy alternatives.

(To read more on this subject please visit Sustainability Victoria)

Here is how Aiden, our Chief Plasterer tackled this and achieved an amazing outcome for our client:

Project: 18 Down lights installed Ascotvale Heritage home – Tuckpointing brick lath and plaster internal

Old pendent lights were tired customer wanted to add modern lighting to their beautiful proud neat home. Our customer was struggling to get an electrician to commit to drilling through lath and plaster ceiling.  Aiden was able at short notice come over on a Sunday when customer was home. He explained the process of where (and where not to) could drill holes in ceiling because of locations of ceiling joists. He also explain what furniture had to be moved. We were able to organise a top electrician to work with us, in scheduling in a day both suitable for our customer, the electrician and the plaster all one the same day.

Here’s what happened:

  • Polished Floors were drop sheeted and protected
  • Holes were drill in lath and plaster ceilings
  • Plaster repairs to celling were minimum
  • New downlights were installed
  • Old pendant lights were disconnected and removed
  • Drop sheets were lifted
  • Floors were vacuumed
  • Customer got his compliance certificate
  • Customer come home form works house spotless and new lights in 1 day


“Again, great job it looks amazing I can not be happier”

Paul, Ascotvale

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